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FREE Guide to Help Women Overcome Trauma,
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This free guide empowers and supports women facing traumatic pasts to reclaim their lives and find emotional freedom. Learn from a licensed professional counselor who understands exactly what you are going through. Take your first step toward recovery today.

  • Heal: From traumas, sexual assault, child abuse, and other sources of emotional pain.
  • FOCUS: On creating healthy habits while building strength and resilience​
  • Action Plan: Attain your SMART Goals with ease.
  • ​You Deserve: Clarity and Renewed Purpose
  • Get Support: Our community is with you every step of the way.
  • Free Workshop: Join us as we explore ditching your trauma in greater detail.

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by Marcia Diane, LPC

You are invited to a FREE online workshop where Marcia, a licensed professional mental health and substance abuse counselor with 20+ years experience, explains more about "Ditch Your Trauma," PTSD recovery, and how to take your life to greater heights. 

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